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04/21/21 7:55 AM

Kley is  live for the Old Glory out of H&M Landing. Good fishing early this morning as they found a couple of schools of tuna and are hooked up. Kley has all the info for you below, listen in.Bluefin Tuna

They are online for Sunday night.

Call 619-222-1144 for trip information and reservations or Book Online Here for a schedule and book online.

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04/21/21 8:14 AM


Donny from Pierpoint Landing checking in to let you know the Enterprise and the City Of Long Beach are both online tomorrow! Listen in below for all the info.


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04/21/21 10:35 AM

Tribute Sportfishing

With good bluefin and Yellowtail counts coming in and nice weather ahead, we made Sunday nights 1 1/2 day trip a go with only 3 Angler’s booked so far.

Sunday Night 1.5-Day

Call 619-224-3383 for information and reservations or Book Online Here.

04/21/21 11:47 AM


The has ½ day trips scheduled every day to the local kelp beds. The departure time is 8:30 am. Trips are limited to 24 passengers. The Daily Double is offering afternoon ½ day trips on Fridays and Saturdays during April and May. Departure time is 3:00 pm with a return time of 8:30 pm. The Mission Belle has full-day trips to the Coronado Islands schedule every day. The departure time is 6:00 am. The ticket price includes your fishing permit for Mexico, FMM, and biosphere bracelet. A valid passport or passport card is required for all passengers going on this trip. The Point Loma has a local 3/4 day trip scheduled for Sunday. Departure time is 6:30 am with a return time of 4:30 pm. No passport required for this trip. 18 passengers max

They have trips for you departing every day!

Book Online Here or call (619)223-1627 to make a reservation.

04/21/21 1:07 PM

Fishermans Landing

Carl is  live for Fisherman's Landing with the latest news and trip information. The Royal Polaris coming up the line from a 16 day trip stopped on the bluefin tuna grounds and it paid off with limits of nice big Tuna. Fish run from 120 to 200-pounds. The Outrider is out with limits of yellowtail. Carl has the current reports for you below, listen in.Bluefin Tuna

They have a variety of trips available and departing daily. Come on out!

Call 619-221-8500 for all trip information and reservations or Book Online Here.

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04/21/21 3:52 PM

We still have a few spots left for tonight's Overnight Island Freelance trip departing at 8:30 pm! Boat will be targeting yellows, rockfish, lingcod, sheephead, and more!  Book online now!


Call 562-432-8993 for info and reservations or Book Online Here

04/21/21 4:08 PM

Walt is live from the Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street Landing with today's wrap-up report. They picked away at bottom-fish and put some fish in the bags. Walt has the full current report for you below, listen in.Red Snapper

1/2-Day trips go daily and double 1/2-day trips on the weekends!

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04/21/21 5:00 PM

Nick is live from the Freelance out of Davey's Locker with the latest. Windy weather again today y, but they made a day of it. They started out in the deeper waters catching some nice grouper, reds, and others. They ended the day in the shallows, found some bonita that really wanted to bite, and caught over 100 of them. Nick has the current fish report for you below.Bonito

We have trips every day and would love to have you out! 

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04/21/21 5:03 PM

Tomorrow morning we kick off a 4 day stretch of Coronado Islands Full Day trips, with departures Thursday-Sunday morning at 5:30am. All trips are “definite go” except for Sunday which needs just a few to go!
Primary focus will be Yellowtail so bring your Yo-yo irons, surface irons and live bait outfits. Delicious rockfish will also be targeted as well as Calico Bass, sheephead, whitefish and Lingcod so bring some 6-12 oz torpedo sinkers as well!

To get in on the action, call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144 or Book Online Here.

04/21/21 5:24 PM

Redondo Sportfishing

The Redondo Special morning trip with 8 anglers caught 67 rockfish and 1 whitefish. The afternoon trip with 8 anglers caught 61 rockfish.Red Snapper

Double 1/2-Day trips go daily. Come on out!

Call the office at 310-372-2111 for more info or Book Online Here.

04/21/21 6:15 PM

Coral Sea Sportfishing

Our Open Party 3/4 Day Trip with 22 Anglers caught 220 Rockfish.Red Snapper

We have 2 spots available this Monday 3/4 day trip. 

Call sea landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at

04/21/21 6:26 PM

Awesome 1/2 day trip with a great group today. We fished pretty deep, and our anglers did a great job! Our 21 anglers caught 210 rockfish, 1 lingcod, and 1 rock sole.Red Snapper

We have FOUR spots for Thursday & Friday’s 3/4 day trips.

Call the office at 805-963-3564 or book directly from our website

04/21/21 7:05 PM

H&M Landing

Ollie is live from H&M Landing with today's counts and their latest trip information. They caught: 100 Yellowtail, 40 Rockfish, 9 Sculpin, 3 Sand Bass, 3 Sheephead, and 2 Bluefin Tuna. Ollie has the full current report for you below, listen in.

They have a variety of trips going daily, check below.

Call 619-222-1144 for all trip information or  Book Online Here.

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