Channel Islands Sportfishing

Address : 4151 South Victoria Avenue
Oxnard CA
Phone : (805)-382-1612

Website: Link
There is something about the enormity of the ocean and the vastness of its riches that call to anglers everywhere. Nowhere is that more true than here, along the amazing Central California Coast. Channel Islands Sportfishing (CISCOS) is proud to offer premier, affordable charters, having one of the largest and most impressive fleets along the Central Coast.
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Sun Jan 13 2019, 02:53pm
3/4 day 30 anglers Caught : 5700 Sand Dab
Sat Jan 12 2019, 03:40pm
3/4 day 35 anglers Caught : 2275 Sand Dab 1 Mako
Sat Jan 05 2019, 03:58pm
3/4 day 25 anglers Caught : 2500 Sand Dab
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