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Toronado 2-Day Trip Sunday Night, Ray is Live
Seaforth Landing Good Yellowfin Tuna Fishing, Reed is Live
H&M Landing Wrap-up Report, Ken is Live
New Lo-An Nice Sundown Bluefin Tuna Bite, Adam is Live
Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Daily Report
Mustang Thursday Night 1-Day Trip
Ocean Odyssey Limits of Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail, Rick is Live
Stardust 3/4 Day Wrap Up Report
Sport King 3/4 Day Back In Action, Bruce Is Live
Freelance 3/4 Day Wrap-up Report, Nick is Live
Cobra Fish Count and Photo
Helgrens Daily Fish Report
Western Pride 1/2 Day Wrap-up, Mike is Live
Eldorado A Go For Tonight October 18
Thunderbird Afternoon Bluefin Tuna, Jeff is Live
New Lo-An Big Bluefin Tuna Afternoon Check, Adam is Live
Condor Limits of Yellowfin Tuna On The Hunt, Jimmy is Live
Prowler In With Fish To 245 Pounds, Andrew Is Live
Freedom Great 1.5-Day Bluefin Tuna Wrap-up Report, Jeff is Live
Offshore Count Total By Year
Ranger 85 Returning with Big Bluefin Tuna and More
Prowler Monster Bluefin Tuna Wrap-up Report
Condor Hooked Up, Jimmy Is Live
Thunderbird Morning Plunker Bite, Jeff is Live
Gail Force Lobster Combo Trip Goes Saturday October 20
Mustang Limits of Yellowfin Tuna and More, Steve is Live
H&M Landing Daily Report, Ken Is Live
Pacific Islander Wrap-up Report
Pursuit Daily Report, John Is Live
Freedom Steady Bluefin Tuna Fishing, Jeff is Live
Mirage Sportfishing Wrap-up Report
Sea Landing, The Stardust Upcoming Trips
Western Pride 1/2 Day Wrap-up, Chris is Live
Cobra Daily Report, Chris Is Live
Marina del Rey Sportfishing Wrap-up Report
Freelance Daily Report, The Bite Goes On
Fishermans Landing Wrap-up Report, Carl is Live
Tribute Limits of Yellowfin Tuna, Good Fishing
Helgrens Sportfishing Daily Fish Count
Monte Carlo Wrap-up Report
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