Sea Landing The Stardust Report
Posted by Poseidon on 04/01/19 4:09 PM

Hey everybody, we’re heading in from a light load half day trip where the ocean was as flat as it gets all day long. Definitely starting to warm up and feel like summer again. We had a slow start to the morning when we found no conditions what so ever. We picked away at some rockfish and ocean whitefish. Later in the afternoon was much better, we hit some spots that gave us a few nicer rockfish and lots of ocean whitefish. Often one of each on a double dropper loop rig. We stayed until we were out of time but we managed to put together a decent day. For our 10 anglers that fished today we caught 82 rockfish, 79 ocean whitefish and 4 sheephead.

The stardust needs some more people for tomorrow so book a spot now for 1/2 day fishing with a super light load.

Go through our website or call the Sea landing at 805-963-3564.