Stardust 3/4-Day Report
Posted by Queen Pauline on 04/07/19 4:01 PM

Heading in from a coastal 3/4 day trip, could not make the islands due to weather. It was pretty much windy all day but no swell with it which made it a really nice day. We had really good fast paced fishing to the point that we were not able to take very many pictures. We fish for 2 1/2 hours and for that time it was full speed whitefish & rockfish all medium to big size all you could catch. We had a boat full of a lot of first-timers that are now ruined because now they think it’s going to be like this every time! Hahaha! 😜 Our 40 anglers caught: 301 rockfish, 334 whitefish, 2 lingcod, 2 sheephead, and 1 sculpin.

We are 3/4 day fishing Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. 1/2 day Thursday.

Please make reservations from or call the SEA Landing 805-963-3564