Old Glory Wrap-up Report, Limits of Bluefin Tuna and More
Posted by Poseidon on 04/07/19 7:43 PM

We returned from our first offshore tuna trip of the year and what a trip it was!!!!! We left the dock a little early and kicked the boat up with expectations of going 120 plus miles but on the way down we wanted to look at another promising area. Junior and I both looked at each other to see who would have to be up at midnight to look this other area over and Junior volunteered. Well Junior did what Junior does and found a nice school of fish and when I got up we had a few going and a few on the deck. We managed 8 nice bluefin out of our first stop and we were on the hunt for more. It wasn’t long and we found another really nice school and this one really wanted to bite. Everyone on board worked together and everyone was using the right equipment for the job!! After the mayhem was over we had limits for everyone on board. These fish ranged from about 25#’s to over 85#’s with most of the being 40 to 70#’s our second place tuna weighed 85.6#’s at the dock. The tip of the trip was to use heavy line (100#) on a glow in the dark flat-fall 200 to 500 grams.

Our next trip is sold out but we do have space on Friday the 19th, which departs H&M Landing at 7 pm. We hope to see you on one of these epic trips.

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