Old Glory Bluefin Tuna Wrap-up Report
Posted by Poseidon on 04/14/19 6:50 PM

We returned this morning from another 1.5-day bluefin tuna trip. Unfortunately, we were not able to find them in the dark but after a long move, we got into some fish. The first drift we were able to capture 13 fish off of it We had bluefin boiling 360 degrees around the boat and they were biting the fly lined sardines. The casualties were extremely high and everyone had a good chance at a fish. We found large schools everywhere we looked and were able to land 26 bluefin for our day with 6 yellowtail to go along with it. The numbers don’t show the opportunity that was there as we lost a lot more fish than we caught.

Our next trip with openings is on Friday the 26th departing H&M landing at 7 pm. This trip is our last 1.5 day scheduled as we are going to start running 1 days in May. We hope to see you on the boat.

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