Old Glory Friday Wrap-up Report
Posted by Poseidon on 07/20/19 2:58 PM

We returned last night after a fun filled day of bluefin tuna fishing!! Everyone on board had a good opportunity to catch a couple of nice fish. There were some first's and P.B's caught. Unfortunately there were a lot more lost fish than caught fish and some extremely long battles ending in triumph and disaster. In the end we ended up with 16 bluefin and 2 yellowfin for our day. Bring a 30# and a 40# outfit for fly lining bait and a 60# outfit for the flat fall.

We are running for sure most every night of the week departing at 9 pm from H&M landing.

Call 619-222-1144 for trip information and reservations or CLICK HERE for a schedule and book online.