News Item: Mazatlan Report For The Aries Fleet
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Posted by Richie
Fri Apr 21 2017, 06:28AM

Mazatlan fishing has been difficult to figure out this season and so far this year has remained very unpredictable as the fishing tend to be considerably slower than normal. This past week reflected a total of 20 off shore fishing days that resulted in 6 stripers being caught with 3 releases, along with 29 yellowfin tuna. The inshore fishing reported for 3 days fished aboard the super pangas reflected 90 snappers and 61 triggerfish. 
Mazatlan Climate: A mostly sunny and clear week with daytime temps averaging 85.7 degrees and nights at 64 degrees. Humidity ratio averaged 69.2%. A couple of days provided a very few passing clouds with mostly sun shine days.
Sea Conditions: In shore water temps at 72-73 degrees and the off shore waters at 74-76 degrees. Surface breezes flowing in mostly from the westerly directions at an average of 10.57 mph.
Best Fishing Area: The billfish remain scattered over wide areas and the tuna have been moving with the schools of porpoise in the off shore waters out to the southwest of the Marina El Cid.
Best Bait/Lure: Rigged baits best for the stripers and tuna feathers best for the yellowfin.
Bait Supply: Remains very good for the rigged baits that are provided with the off shore charters. Live bait is available most of the time at the rate of $1.00 per bait paid direct o the bait vendor at time of receipt.
Our Local Reporter: Ms. Kitcia Berenice Ceja Diaz, reporting in for the Aries Fleet and Mazatlan fishing.

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