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12/09/19 12:10 PM

Redondo Sportfishing

The Redondo Special is a guaranteed run tomorrow Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Leaving the dock at 9 AM sharp

 Call 310-372-2111 for trip information and reservations or Book Online Here.

12/09/19 7:57 AM

109 legal lobsters in 3 trips aboard the Gail Force over the weekend! We have availability this Wednesday and Thursday and throughout the rest of December.

Check our schedule and book online at or give us a call at (310) 844-3814

12/09/19 8:09 AM

Constitution Sportfishing

Keith is live from the Constitution out of Purta Viarta Mexico. They are having excellent fishing right now on 150 to 300-pound yellowfin tuna with a couple of bodys of fish on the bite. Keith has the full current report for you below, listen in.Yellowfin Tuna

They have some opening on trips in January.

Give Nicole a shout at 866-903-7742

976-TUNA Listen Live

12/09/19 12:49 PM

Spitfire has open party 3/4 day trips all week.

Leaving at 6:30 sharp!!

Call 310-822-3625 for information and reservations.

12/09/19 3:17 PM

Good afternoon heading in from a 1/2 day. We had beautiful weather all day and good fishing. We caught some short halibut and manage to get a keeper, things are really looking up on the coast. Our 17 anglers caught 121 rockfish 5 whitefish 3 sandbass 1 lingcod 1 halibut Red Snapper

Our next trip is Wednesday’s 1/2 day trip which needs a few more reservations to get out. We are a go 3/4 day fishing Thursday & Friday has a super light load.

Book Online Here or call the SEA Landing 805-963-3564

12/09/19 3:18 PM


Beautiful day on the water with just a few anglers. We decided to fish the heavy structure and picked some bass, sheephead, sculpin and all the perch you could want.

Red Snapper

We are back out all week and next weekend 9-3 so far light loads all week.

Call 949-675-0550 for trip information and reservations or Book Online Here

12/09/19 3:20 PM


Bruce is live for the Sport King out of LA Waterfront Sportfishing with the latest on their upcoming trips. They'll be out tomorrow! Free parking and no reservation needed! Bruce has all the info for you below, listen in.


Call 310-547-9916 for reservations or show up at 5:30.

12/09/19 3:52 PM

Coral Sea Sportfishing

Open Party 3/4 Day Trip Sporty day for the gang out at SRI but great holding conditions. Slow start to our morning picking away at some great quality. Then managed to get on a few ripper spots in the deep water that made our day with mostly coppers raining on with a few reds and some lings. Total count for our 26 anglers 259 Rockfish 16 Lingcod 1 Cabezon

Red Snapper

Our next available open party trips are Tuesday-Wednesday 3/4 day trips with a few spots available and Thursday-Friday 1/2 day trips.

Call sea landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at


12/09/19 5:29 PM

Marina del Ray Sportfishing

Marina Del Rey Sportfishing calling in today's wrap-up report. They had 2 trips return today, catching a combined total of: 349 Total Fish - 245 Rockfish, 93 Whitefish, 9 Sheephead, and 2 Lingcod.

Trips go daily, including twilight trips & lobster trips!

Call 310-822-3625 for reservations.

12/09/19 6:59 PM

H&M Landing

Ollie is live from H&M Landing with updates and the latest info on their upcoming trips. TheJig Strike was out hooping it up with good action for 5 anglers.

They have a variety of trips going daily!

Call 619-222-1144 for all trip information or Book Online Here.