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01/17/20 2:57 PM


Twilight tonight! $25 gets you a ticket! We are running for sure and we will be fishing shallow for sculpin and bass. Bring your lead heads and bass gear. Hope to see you tonight!


Call 949-673-1434 for information and reservations or Book Online Here.

01/17/20 3:50 PM

John spitfire good fishing today, our 12 anglers caught: 32 sand bass, 4 calico bass, 45 sculpins, 5 triggerfish and 20 perch.Sculpin

We are open party every day, come on out!

Call 310-822-3625 for information and reservations.

01/17/20 3:55 PM

City of Long Beach

Ryan is live for the City Of Long Beach out of Pierpoint Landing. They're online tomorrow and through the weekend. They've got a handful of reservations for tomorrow morning, and need a few more to make it a for sure go!


Call 562-983-9300 for trip information and reservations.

976-TUNA Listen Live

01/17/20 4:47 PM

Seaforth Sportfishing checking in with today's wrap-up report. The New Seaforth with 22 anglers caught: 200 Rockfish, and 20 Red Snapper.

 Seaforth Sportfishing has trips departing every day.

Book Online or call 619-224-3383 for info and reservations.

01/17/20 5:38 PM


Another day of beautiful weather and great fishing today. Started out catching sculpin and sand dabs then went shallow for some bass action and all the perch the people wanted today. Another day with full bags of filets going home.Sand Bass

We will be back out 3/4 Sunday and Monday leaving at 6 am with really light loads so far.

Call 949-675-0550 for trip information and reservations or Book Online Here

01/17/20 6:03 PM

Marina del Ray Sportfishing

Marina Del Rey Sportfishing calling in today's wrap-up report. They had 2 trip returned with a combined total of: 123 Sculpin, 77 Sand Bass, 12 Perch, 12 Calico Bass, and 6 Trigger Fish.

Trips go daily, including twilight trips & lobster trips!

Call 310-822-3625 for reservations.

01/17/20 6:07 PM


Bruce is live for the Sport King out of LA Waterfront Sportfishing with the latest on their upcoming trips. They'll be out tomorrow with squid for bait! Free parking and no reservation needed! Bruce has all the info for you below, listen in.


Call 310-547-9916 for reservations or show up at 5:30.

01/17/20 6:27 PM

Redondo Sportfishing

The Redondo Special 1/2-day trip with 8 anglers caught:68 Perch, 21 Calico Bass, and 2 Sculpin.

The next trip is tomorrow at 9 AM, comeCalico Bass on out!

 Call 310-372-2111 for trip information and reservations or Book Online Here.