Redondo Special Wrap-Up Report
  • Posted by Pauline
  • Sat Aug 6th 7:08 PM

Redondo Special

Hey guys Uli checking in from Redondo Beach for the Redondo Special with today's fish count. Our AM trip with 34 anglers caught 119 rockfish, 26 whitefish, and 9 sculpin. Our PM trip with 21 anglers 6 sand bass (12 bass released), 4 calico bass, 5 sheepshead, 3 sculpin, 4 rockfish, 32 whitefish, and 6 perch.Sand Bass

They have room for this weekend, come on out!

Call the office at 310-372-2111 for more info or Book Online Here.

The Redondo Special's next available trip is a 1/2 Day PM departing Thu Dec 1st 1:00 PM Click here for more info.
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