Old Glory Offshore 1.5 Day Wrap-up Report

We returned this morning from our first offshore trip of the season. In the morning we found a small school of bluefin but we never got any reaction from them. It didn't take long and we ran into some open water Bonito and just getting a few fish to pull on felt great. After a little searching, we ran into an area of productive keeps. We started with a kelp for 23 nice yellowtail averaging from about 8 to 12 pounds. We looked the area over a little and found a couple of more good ones and ended up with 90 yellowtail up to about 14 pounds for our efforts. We went back on the search for bluefin and we found a really nice school of fish that reacted very well to the chum. We had fish well over the 100-pound mark boiling around the boat but we were not able to catch any. Overall for our first trip of the year we had a great time and we also had good shots at yellowtail, bluefin. and Bonito and it is only February!! We are running for sure next weekend with only 10 reservations at this time. We hope to see you on the boat!

Their next available trip is a 1.5-Day departing March 5th!

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