Grande Offshore Wrap-up Report

35 anglers: 10 bluefin Tuna, 6 yellowfin Tuna, 2 yellowtail, 2 bonito. Today we looked at a new area and it shows good signs of life that should support and lengthy offshore season! There’s a nice mix of bluefin and yellowfin Tuna, yellowtail on kelps and even a few dorado starting to filter in! 

Bluefin Tuna

We have plenty of room on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All trips next week are definite go! We’ve been seeing fish from 20-200 pounds daily, so we’d recommend: 20-30 pound live bait outfit with flurocarbon and 1/0-2/0 circle hooks. 40-50 pound live bait outfit with flurocarbon and 2/0-3/0 circle hooks, Daiwa Zakana jigs. 60-80 pound sinker rig/heavy jig outfit with various sized torpedo sinkers from 4 to 8 ounce, 2/0-3/0 circle hooks and Daiwa SK jigs. Full day offshore trips are departing at 5:30am seven days a week from H&M Landing. Reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee your spot on the boat.

To get in on the action, call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144 or  Book Online Here .