Coral Sea Open Party 3/4-Day Trip

Coral Sea Sportfishing

Had a great 3/4 day trip up the coast, started off a little slow little scratchy, and then it picked up pretty steady for about three straight hours. Bait was the key today. The Squid strip and anchovy combo got lots of reds, grouper, and chuckleheads. As we’re heading in we’re enjoying an amazing show on dolphins! Our 24 anglers caught 240 rockfish and 6 whitefish.Red Snapper

We’ve got room next week on both the Coral Sea and the Stardust, get your reservations in early before the trips fill up. Just a reminder we are limited load and will stay limited load. Book online

Call sea landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at

The Coral Sea's next available trip is a 3/4 Day departing Tue Oct 4th 7:00 AM Click here for more info.
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