• Posted by Poseidon
  • Wed Nov 17th 9:20 AM

Dear Friends,
Now comes the final and most important step to protecting your access to the sea!
Please attend a virtual hearing of the CARB board on Friday, November 19, 2021.
Here Are the Steps Required to Participate: (please take these steps today)

  1. CLICK HERE to confirm your participation with us. While the hearing starts at 9 am, the proposed harbor craft regulations are scheduled last on the agenda. If you confirm your participation, SAC will alert you by email/text as the agenda is about to be called. 
  2. REGISTER WITH CARB (click here): Enroll now. Once you register to speak, CARB will email you the link required to join the virtual hearing. Remarks are limited to 2-3 minutes.  Register for (21-12-6) Commercial Harbor Craft Regulations
  3. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE AGENDA on how to watch and/or speak at the hearing. We advise you to review the login instructions prior to the hearing.  

Moreover, the earlier you log on to the call, the sooner you are likely to be called. We anticipate lots of speakers so be prepared to make a significant time commitment to this hearing.

Also, be advised that when you address the CARB board, Capitol insiders and media are listening. Tell how these regulations will impact you and your community. Our strength is our numbers and our message. Thank you for making your voice heard. 
Thank you again for your support. 
PS: For your virtual testimony use a picture of fishing or whale watching as your Zoom backdrop.