Gail Force Fun Fishing!

Gail Force had a small charter group fish the Island today. Lots of action for the group today with 150+ calico Bass released, 17 Legals kept, some nice bonito, and an assortment of rockfish. Red Snapper

We are out on a 5 am - 5 pm Catalina trip tomorrow with just 10 signed up! The boat is a “For Sure Go” Limited to just 20 anglers at $125ea.

Book online at or give the Landing a call at (310) 844-3814 Or just show up at LA Waterfront Sportfishing at 4:30 am and hop on the boat!

The Gail Force's next available trip is a 3/4 Day departing Fri May 20th 6:00 AM Click here for more info.