Pacific Islander Bluefin Tuna to 210-Pounds

Pacific Islander Rick cheked in from the Pacific Islander out of Point Loma Sportfishing. Tough fishing on our 1.75 day trip that returned this morning but the quality was excellent.  23 passengers  9 bluefin 95-210# If you are coming out with us please make sure you guys have the proper tackle. 25-30# flyline rig 80# sinker rig 100# knife jig rig Bluefin Tuna

Full up till Monday May 23rd when they will depart at 11am for a 1.75-day trip.

Call the landing at 619-223-1627 or Book Online Here

The Pacific Islander's next available trip is a 1.5-Day departing Wed Jun 29th 6:00 PM Click here for more info.