Pride Very Good Day Of Fishing, Shon is Live

Pride Sportfishing

Shon is checking in for the Pride out of 22nd Street Sportfishing. Today they caught a few white seabass (12-20lbs range), 5 halibut(up to 20-25lbs), and 1 yellowtail(40lbs). Now they're going to fill up on bottom-fish and enjoy the nice weather. Shon has all the info for you below, listen in. White Seabass

The next chance to hop on the boat is Saturday, May 28th. Going for sure!

For reservations and information, call the landing at (310) 832-8304 or check them out Online Here . Charter Hotline 949-793-5128

976-TUNA Listen Live

The Pride's next available trip is a 1.5-Day departing Wed Jun 29th 10:00 AM Click here for more info.