Pride 1.5-Day Wrap-up Report, Shon is Live
  • Posted by Poseidon
  • Wed Aug 17th 9:31 AM

Pride Sportfishing

Shon is checking in for the Pride out of 22nd Street Sportfishing. They started offshore on the dorado ground, mid-day they fished at the Island, and as the sun went down they went to the bluefin tuna grounds. An incredible amount of opportunity locally, the final count was 35 dorado, 29 yellowtail, 17 bonito, 12 calico bass, 7 bluefin tuna, and 3 barracuda. Shon has all the info for you below.Yellowtail

The next chance to hop on the boat is August 29th.

For reservations and information, call the landing at (310) 832-8304 or check them out Online Here. Charter Hotline 949-793-5128

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The Pride's next available trip is a 2-Day departing Fri Dec 2nd 9:00 PM Click here for more info.
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