Western Pride Wrap Up Report, Mike is Live

Western PrideMike checked in for the Western Pride out of Daveys Locker Newport Beach. We had a pretty good load on the boat, close to 40 people and we went right back out to the bank. They were biting a little bit better today. It was kinda tough conditions. There has been a lot of current the last couple of days. We had to weed through a lot of tangles, but the rockfish were biting well. About 3/4 of the way through the trip we decided to put the anchor down in one spot and the fishing was really good on the anchor at a pretty manageable depth. We ended with around 220-230 mixed rockfish for the day. The weather was beautiful and it was an overall nice day. Mike has the current fish report for you below.Red Snapper

We are offline tomorrow because of a charter, but the Patriot is running the open party trip. We'll be back out on the weekend for double half-day open party on both days!

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