Western Pride Wrap Up Report

Western PrideMike checked in for the Western Pride out of Daveys Locker Newport Beach. We started off in the deeper water and caught our limits of red snapper pretty easily and we had to drive away from that since our limit is 2 per person. With 21 people it was pretty quick. They were biting really good, but that is the new regulation so that's what we do. We also caught maybe 2 or 3 handfuls of other rockfish and a few other odds and ends mixed in with that. The wind started coming up so we bounced around on the inside and caught a few whitefish, sculpin, a nice sand bass, some sheephead, and a few other odds and ends. It wasn't red hot on the inside but we bounced around with the anchor down trying to stay out of the bulk of the wind. Everyone is going home with some red snapper and a few other odds and ends. Mike has the current fish report for you below.Red Snapper

We will be back out all weekend for our double half-day! Hope to see you guys on the boat soon!

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